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NDA Healthy Girls | Buy school meals online.

<a href="" target=”_blank”>NDA Healthy Girls | Buy school meals online.</a> Do you have a zero period? Maybe you're running late and didn't have time for breakfast. Fear not! Order your breakfast on the way to NDA and it will be ready when you get here. Pre-paid meal cards are available in the Regal Café online store. Click on the link above.
"Outstanding Board Award"

"Outstanding Board Award" In January of 2014, Notre Dame Academy Schools of Los Angeles Board of Directors was awarded "Outstanding Board" by the National Catholic Education Association. The award honors the board for its extraordinary work to successfully merge an elementary school and a high school together into one unified institution. They were also recognized for their outstanding leadership in identifying new ways in which the Sisters of Notre Dames' values can be lived out within the school community and have continually promoted school programs and policies in the light of these values.
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